Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or M.C.S.E.

MCSE stands for the certification course "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer". It is one of the most widely known Microsoft certification Program and it is available for the Platforms viz., Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003. Each Certification Program has a different set of examinations. M.C.S.E. qualified individuals will have the ability to provide business solutions by appropriate design and implementation of the requisite infrastructure.[citation needed] M.C.S.E. Certification Program is useful for Technical Support & Systems Engineers, Technical Consultants, Network and Systems Analysts and also for regular Software Engineers / Software Professionals.

There are many ways of obtaining M.C.S.E. training, including training at local training centers. M.C.S.E. training can be done even at home by using CD-ROMS or through books. The Certification courses usually have extensive / elaborate contents and some of the basic tutorials can guide a candidate to pass the examination, if the candidate has a basic knowledge of Microsoft systems.

The topic of these Certification examinations include network security, computer networking infrastructure, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and other topics of both general networking interest as well as specific Microsoft products.

There are specializations also available for the M.C.S.E.'s along other different tracks. For 2003, these tracks were M.C.S.E. Security, and Messaging. For obtaining these specializations, it was required that an individual has to do an associated Elective, design and then an extra core exam. The denotation that is usually used for these Certification Programs on resumes etc., are M.C.S.E.:Security and M.C.S.E.:Messaging.

M.C.S.E. 2000

M.C.S.E. 2000 Certification has in total seven examinations viz., four operating examinations, two electives examinations and one design examination. The topics included are configuring, installing and administering Windows 2000 professional, Windows 2000 Server and implementing and administering, Windows 2000 Network infrastructure and Windows 2000 directory service.

M.C.S.E. 2003

M.C.S.E. 2003 Certification has in total seven examinations viz., four networking examinations, one design examination, one client operating system examination and one elective examination. The elective examination can be selected from a broad range of topics and the common ones are being Exchange, Security, SQL and CompTia A+ and Security +. The topics include configuring, installing and administering Windows XP Professional, implementing, planning and maintaining, Windows Server 2003 environment, Server 2003 network infrastructure and Server 2003 Active Directory infrastructure. The topics also include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Network infrastructure, network security, and topics on general networking and Microsoft products only.

Certification changes:

Microsoft has discontinued the M.C.S.E. certification on Windows Server 2008. It is also possible to upgrade the M.C.S.E. certification title to M.C.I.T.P. viz., S.A. or M.C.I.T.P.: E.A. by taking upgrade (or transition) examinations.


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