Microsoft Office Specialist or M.O.S

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), previously named as Microsoft Office User Specialist (M.O.U.S.) is a certification program for using the Microsoft Office suite for business applications. Though listed under the M.C.P. Certification Programs, it is not officially proclaimed as an M.C.P. Certification. The M.O.S. examinations are managed by a third party company, [ Certiport, other than Microsoft.

It appears (January 2007) that a new set of qualifications had replaced the M.O.S. / M.O.U.S. certification programs for Office 2007. The direct application specific skills are known as the “Microsoft Certified Application Specialist” or “M.C.A.S.” for each of Office 2007 Applications and a new certification program known as “Microsoft Certified Application Professional” or “M.C.A.P.” based on how to complete more common business tasks came in to vogue. Though these qualification examinations will be managed by Certiport at present, it appears that other examination providers may also become involved in the process, in future.


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